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MASSAGE Magazine

MASSAGE Magazine

AMTA's Approach to the Affordable Care Act
08/07/2013 12:00 AM
Evanston, IL. The American Massage Therapy Association (AMTA) understands there has been much discussion and debate about the Affordable Care Act (ACA) and the potential role for massage therapists that it might provide within health insurance based, third-party reimbursement. Similar debates are taking place among other health care professionals as the ACA presents many challenges for everyone involved in health care, from professionals to consumers. While the law was enacted more than 3 years ago, it continues to be debated, analyzed and scrutinized. Meanwhile, the law has evolved and implementation will continue to evolve, especially as states determine their approaches to it.

BestMassage Partakes in Ohio Council of Massage Therapy Schools Teachers' and Administrators' Conference
08/07/2013 12:00 AM
BestMassage, an international massage table and supplies warehouse, will be participating in this year's Ohio Council of Massage Therapy Schools (OCMTS) Teachers' and Administrators' Conference.


Aromatherapy is one of the easiest, most accessible, and beneficial forms of holistic healing. While there are several different methods of applying aroma therapy, it is definitely something everyone should try. The easiest way to explain the practice of aromatherapy is the art of accessing different essential oils in order to alter the mind, body, spirit, or health. There is nothing artificial about aromatherapy, everything used comes from nature.

Learning the Methods

One of the most common and effective applications is the direct inhalation method. What makes this application so beneficial is that the client does not have to worry about an inadequate amount of essential oils being released by aerial diffusion — or environmental fragrance. During the direct inhalation method, the therapist will place the perfect amount of essential oil on a cotton ball or tissue which is then placed under the face cradle. This is especially popular for essential oils meant to help with respiratory or sinus ailments, along with psychological practices, as well. It is important to be very careful while practicing this application if you have a history of nasal problems or allergies. Another common practice is to mix the oil into massage lotion and apply this mixture topically. Because some oils are powerful enough to burn the skin, this sort of topical application is not available for all essential oils.


Some of the benefits of aromatherapy include: regulation of hormones, relief of menstrual cramps, stimulation of the immune system, a decrease in congestion, relief of tension headaches, improved energy, relaxation of muscles, reduction of inflammation, improved sleep, aiding digestion, and improving blood circulation. Of course, the recipe and mode of application will differ to achieve different benefits.

Essential Oils

Essential oils serve many problem areas at once. Below is a list of scents and their benefits:

Mixing oils to find the right Blend

Obviously many oils cross paths in their healing effects — this allows for them to be mixed in order to amplify the benefits. Your therapist will be skilled in knowing which recipes will cover your needs and which will work for you. Aromatherapy is an art which can put an entire crowd in a better mood or help a single person sleep better — the possibilities really are endless.

Session Length

All session times include 5 minutes for initial consultation and undressing and conclude with 5 minutes for redressing and recommendations. For example, 60 minute custom massage session consist of 5 minutes for initial consultation and undressing, 50 minutes custom massage and 5 minutes for redressing and recommendations.

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